Create lists on the internet.

Very Nested is a free and open source app to create unique lists on the internet using your GitHub account.

Get Started

Example - YouTube videos I like

Click on the plus icon to expand an item and see more details about it. Each item can be in multiple lists, which means adding a description to Matt Corby's Miracle Love in the 'Recent' list will add it in the 'Music' and 'All' lists.

Edit this example to see more. You can also check out the published page if you like this list.



Each item can be in multiple lists, so updating an item in one list will update it across all lists. Items can also be expanded and collapsed so you can organise your content in fun and creative ways.

Photos and Files

Add photos and files to your lists, even from your mobile.

No Lock-In

Very Nested is free, open source and we don't store any of your data. That means your content is safe and under your control, now and into the future. Even if I stopped working on Very Nested. You can even host your list on your own domain like I've done for

Published on GitHub

We use GitHub to store your lists so you have more control over your data. We also use their hosting features to create websites for your lists and their version control features to keep a history of changes to your content. GitHub is free and the largest version control provider in the world with over 40 million users.